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NIH Presentation On “Talking Science” Gives Tips and Checklist for Giving Good Talks

In a presentation entitled “Talking Science---Designing and Delivering Oral Presentations”, NIH’s Shawn Mullen in the Office of Intramural Training and Education, lays out six key elements of a good science talk. According to Mullen, being able to give a good talk is important for several reasons. You can effectively communicate your science to any audience, demonstrate your expertise, generate interest in your research, create networking possibilities, and establish your reputation as “someone who gives a good talk.” With your reputation at stake, here are his pointers.

1. Know your audience, the key element.

2. Know the rules, such as how much time you will have.

3. Create an interesting story.

4. Present clean, crisp slides.

5. Have an engaging and confident delivery

6. Master the question and answer period.

According to Mullen, a good delivery requires you to remember that “the talk is not a spoken paper”, and requires eye contact with the audience, and excitement about the material.

Readers who wish to hear Mullen’s workshop presentation, especially young scientists or trainees, should visit:



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