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Epidemiology Wit & Wisdom

The idea for this book had been brewing for some time, but we needed the stimulus of our 20th anniversary year to bring the project to fruition. Over the years, we have received numerous requests from teachers for permission to reprint articles from The Epidemiology Monitor for their students. Also, we have received calls from colleagues who remember an article they would like to use again in their work, but are unable to pinpoint the date of publication. Finally, we cannot attend an epidemiology meeting without someone mentioning our humorous contests and slogans. For all of these reasons, we believe that it is useful to bring together much of the best material that has been published in The Epidemiology Monitor over the years and to make all of it readily accessible in one easy to use volume.

However, what really compelled us to gather together this material is the strong conviction that epidemiologists and other colleagues have had some great things to say in the pages of the newsletter, and this material should not be lost. This conviction also helps to explain our choice of Epidemiology Wit & Wisdom as the title for the book. It describes accurately the contents, and conveys that they are highly valued.

We had no hard and fast criteria for article selection. Mostly, we picked articles we believed were of some lasting value, i.e. were interesting, useful, insightful, humorous or unique. Articles were selected from several types of material we have published over the years, including interviews, keynote addresses or presentations at epidemiology meetings, special articles providing information epidemiologists could use in their work, letters, obituaries of well-known figures in epidemiology, humorous pieces, and of course news articles covering controversies, policy items, the law, historical pieces, the media, and the state of the discipline.

When you read through this volume you will discover or rediscover the many valuable ideas and insights that have appeared in our pages over the years. Think of it as your "Window on Epidemiology---At Work and At Play.

Roger H. Bernier, PhD, MPH
Jeanette L. St. Pierre
November 2000


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