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Epidemiology News Briefs - May 31, 2017

Adult Vaccination Levels Against Multiple Diseases Remain Low In The US

The vaccination program in the United States has succeeded in achieving high vaccination coverage levels in children and thereby making the prevalence of vaccine preventable diseases lower in children than adults.

According to CDC, “despite longstanding recommendations for use of many vaccines, vaccination coverage among US adults is low. Just how low  can be seen in the table below which gives coverage rates for the various recommended vaccines.


Coverage level

Influenza / adults ≥ 19 yrs


Pneumococcal (for persons at increased risk) adults, 19-64 yrs


Tetanus (in the past 10 years) / adults ≥ 19 yrs


Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (among persons who could be assessed) adults ≥ 19 yrs


Hepatitis A (2 doses or more) / adults ≥ 19


Hepatitis B (3 doses or more / adults ≥ 19 yrs


Herpes Zoster / adults ≥ 60


Human Papilloma (women 19-26, at least one dose) adults ≤ 60 yrs


To raise coverage levels, CDC points to the need to improve education and awareness about vaccines, to increase access to vaccines in existing heath care settings, and to use best practices for achieving higher coverage such as reminder-recall systems, assessment and feedback on coverage levels to providers, and other evidence based interventions.

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